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  1. Jonathan 7

    Three stages, second stage air-starts 18mm 2x Cluster w Parasite Glider

    This one has a D12-0 booster that air-starts a two 18mm motor second stage (and an optional third stage, 18mm or 13mm). With the vent holes (see pics), it’s two for two on air starting both second stage motors. I wish I was a better artist - the paint job and decals leave much to be desired.
  2. scott johnson

    Super Big Bertha on three 24mm motors

    I'm planning on building a Super Big Bertha and installing three 24mm motor mounts. Will I need to vent the ejection charge of two of them or will it be okay if all three are ejecting into the body? I've seen where multiple motor rockets have ejection charges vented rearward, as in the Cluster...