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  1. P

    Advice for LVL 2 cert launch with LOC IV

    I got my LVL 1 cert with my LOC IV, amazing launch ran the H135 and had an amazing launch. I do not have an electronics bay nor to I have a drogue shoot (which I really think is necessary for lvl 2 cert) the rocket is fully assembled, is there any way to modify this beautiful rocket to hit my...
  2. Curtis Enlow

    My LOC IV Build Thread

    I always enjoy reading build threads and always learn a lot, so I thought I might share my IV build journey here. This is my first rocket in some time, since my step-son & I built and flew rockets (and I won't tell you how old he is now, but 'D' engines were monsters then), but I have kept my...
  3. Curtis Enlow

    Greetings! New member buying LOC IV with lots of questions!

    Greetings! I am a new member here, so some personal background: I grew up as a 60's 'space kid' and used to fly rockets as a kid (in my day 'D' motors were HUGE, as well as the only thing available here at that time), and then, again, as an adult with my son. I have pretty extensive tech...