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  1. lowga

    Estes K-27 Honest John Decal Sheet Scans

    Not sure if these would be useful for anyone, but I thought I'd post them. I have an unbuilt K-27 kit from the late 1960s. The bag is nearly gone, so I opened it in order to transfer everything into new acid-free bags for safe keeping. While I had it opened, I scanned the decal sheet with a...
  2. K'Tesh

    Found Dimensions: Estes Comet (1368) Decals

    I've got a good scan of the decals, courtesy of oldrocketplans ( However, there's no ruler, or indication of scale for the decals. The fins are the same as the Estes Vigilante (1278) (which included a scale for measurement) and the...
  3. K'Tesh

    Found Scans of the Estes EPIC II (7286)/Sterling Silver (7275)

    The EPIC II (7286) sure looks like a redress of the Sterling Silver (7275), and I like it! So, I'm wanting to sim it and if I'm doing one, I might as well do the other. I need scans of the EPIC II's instructions (I've got really grainy photos that just aren't doing it for me). I've downloaded...
  4. K'Tesh

    Found Scans Of The Estes Big Daddy (2162) Decals W/Ruler

    Simming up the current version of the Big Daddy (2162). I've discovered that there's more of a difference between the original livery, and the current version than I knew. I'm looking to update the sims to reflect the differences, and I need the current decals scanned along with a ruler for...
  5. K'Tesh

    Found New Scans of the Estes Honest John (1919) Decals

    I'm working on a sim of the BT-55 based Estes Honest John (1919) kit which was introduced in 1984. I know that the instructions, fins, and decals have been scanned and are available on JimZ's site (, but like so many other scans of decals...