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  1. D

    Post Mortem on L2 CATO

    Hi all, I just got back from attempting my TRA L2 certification flight. I reused a previously built Apogee Zephyr with motor ejected parachute recovery that I used for my L1 certification and have flown with AeroTech H100 and I284. I attempted my flight with a J340M-14A with a 12-second...
  2. Zyzzyva1000

    G138 Cato Destroyed my rocket.

    I know it happens, but this particularly bummed me out. Built a LaserLoc 163, modified it for dual deploy with a nice ebay and added GPS tracking in the nosecone. Finished it nicely and was ready for its maiden launch this past weekend. Before I tried it on a 38 mm motor I wanted to just make...
  3. rocketman4h

    Estes E-12-9 CATO

    Saturday morning, a beautiful Michigan morning, a good friend of mine loaded 2 Estes E-12-9 motors in to his rocket, I have witnessed fly several times with great flights. On this instance both engimes lit and at aprox. 1/2 way up the rod, the rocket experienced a rapid disassembly. The bottom...
  4. Cameron Anderson

    CTI i303 blue CATOs

    Anyone having issues with the CTI i303? Had a guy I fly with CATO two of them using different cases. First one looked like a hard chuff. It wasn't until he brought the airframe back that we saw the aft closure blew out and the case shot into the av bay and did some good damage. The second one...
  5. beantownJPL

    Estes A10-3T - 2 CATOs Batch# B180619

    I went to a club launch today (CMASS launch in Acton), and it was a real CATO-fest today. Not sure what's up with that ... really moderate weather conditions. Personally, I had two A10-3T motors CATO - one model destroyed (Semroc Gyroc - RIP), the other model survived. The first CATO blew out...
  6. Colonel_Hogan


    I recently launched an HPR rocket and it barely made it off the launch rail after experiencing some sort of engine difficulty. The staff at the launch site said the failure was caused by a bulkhead that failed and allowed the engine to go through the vehicle's body but I'm not sure that I fully...
  7. Brian H.

    Small moonburners and igniters

    I did a search and found lots of answers for larger moonburner motors, but nothing for the small ones. I have recently had a Cesaroni H54 29mm moonburner Cato because the igniter wadded up and clogged the nozzle. Is there a trick to preventing this from happening? Others use bamboo skewers...
  8. KennB

    CANCELLED October Skies Launch - 13 October 2018 - West Kingston, RI - RIMRA, CATO & CMASS

    The annual October Skies launch will take place on 13 October 2018 at the RIMRA field in West Kingston, RI. Some CMASS members will be meeting at Oatley's Restaurant at 8 AM before the launch if you'd like to join us. For those in the Providence are, RIMRA is attending the movie "First Man" on...
  9. DavieRockets

    Motor reloads with the most CATOs

    After so many years with no CATOs, I experienced my first one on a CTI K300-P Classic motor on the maiden flight of a new rocket on a 10,000 foot altitude attempt. If you have had a CATO, you know that horrible feeling of loss after spending so much time and money planning, building and perhaps...
  10. cruck1000

    L2 Cert Flight- CTI J760 CATO

    (First forum post! Woohoo!) My L2 Cert Flight of a Wildman Extreme 4" kit flown with an extended upper body tube. Motor failure a few tenths of a second into flight on 7/14/18 at Michigan Intl Speedway. Enjoy my misery :)