black brant

  1. J

    The "Blue Brant V/3" - Launch photos

    Howdy Y'all Launched my Black brant V scale model out at TCVA on March 26th. It's a 0.3209 x scale of the Black Brant V sounding rocket based on data from Wallops Island and scale drawings from Rockets of the World. It weighed 11 pounds on the pad with an I255 motor and is my first launch after...
  2. jfcusson

    CSA Black Brant 9 (with Terrier booster) Pictures

    As promised, here are pictures in bright sunlight of the Black Brant 9 installed in front of the Canadian Space Agency headquarters near Montreal.
  3. PeterP

    LOC 4" Black Brant X L1 Cert Build

    Hey all, this will be my first post on TRF! I decided I wanted to go for my HPR certifications after building rockets with my school’s rocketry program this past semester. So, I bought myself a LOC 4” Black Brant X to certify L1 and L2 with. I figured going with the biggest kit I could find...
  4. base890

    Mach 1 Mini Black Brant BT50 Build

    Excited for a robust little fiberglass model rocket I purchased a BT50 black brant kit from Mach 1.