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  1. jfcusson

    CSA Black Brant 9 (with Terrier booster) Pictures

    As promised, here are pictures in bright sunlight of the Black Brant 9 installed in front of the Canadian Space Agency headquarters near Montreal.
  2. PeterP

    LOC 4" Black Brant X L1 Cert Build

    Hey all, this will be my first post on TRF! I decided I wanted to go for my HPR certifications after building rockets with my school’s rocketry program this past semester. So, I bought myself a LOC 4” Black Brant X to certify L1 and L2 with. I figured going with the biggest kit I could find...
  3. base890

    Mach 1 Mini Black Brant BT50 Build

    Excited for a robust little fiberglass model rocket I purchased a BT50 black brant kit from Mach 1.