54mm reloadable motor case

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  1. whiskeyBear326

    Sold Aerotech 54mm RMS Hardware

    I've been out of the hobby for a while and don't see myself investing in a Level 2 build at any point in the near future so I'm looking to clear out a few things including the 54mm RMS motor hardware I've got. There's been some interest in me piecing this out, so let's go with this. - (1 Sold)...
  2. dirkDIRK

    xx Motor hardware and Unbuilt fiberglass kits

    Hello All, After a few shorts years and because of many factors I have decided to put rocketry on hold and sell some of my high power stuff to people willing to use and fly them as they are meant to be rather than sit in a corner looking sad and not built and flying. I have quite the hectic...
  3. Bungie64

    Found Dr. Rockets 54/2800 case and closures

    I am looking for a Dr. Rockets 54/2800 case with closures but also interested in any Dr. Rockets or monster motor cases and matching closures.

    Found WANTED Cesaroni 54mm 4 Grain Motor Case

    I am looking for a new or used Cesaroni Pro54-4 grain motor case, in good condition and clean. Thanks