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  1. T

    SOLD 38mm Hardware

    I've rediscovered my hardware but have been out of rocketry for a long time. It's all Dr. Rocket it seems and save for a new 98mm threaded Slimline retainer. Some of the cases have never been used; others no more than twice. I'm not sure which is which with regards to that. Prices don't include...
  2. Cameron Anderson

    Loc Terrier Sandhawk build thread

    There seems to be a fair number of people building the Loc Terrier Sandhawk right now so I decided to throw my build on here. I'm sure plan will evolve over the course of the build, but my two main goals for this build are focused on camera placement. I want one internal Mobius in the Sandhawk...
  3. swatkat

    Build Thread: Mega Der Red Max, 38mm: New Clone Kit

    Wanted to post a build thread on Toby's (Big_Red_Daddy on the forum) cloned Mega Der Red max kits. He's doing them in both 29mm and 38mm flavors and since I already have the Estes one with the 29mm, I got this one with the 38mm. (more fun right!?) I also got the optional nosecone bulkplate for...
  4. J

    SOLD Collection, Motor Casings 29/38/54

    *this post is a "work in progress" so i will be editing it with new info for probably the first week its up* This is my late fathers collection. We both enjoy this hobby many years ago and I do not have plans of continuing with it. With that being said, I'm here to sell this collection as a...
  5. lowga

    Streamer Recovery for 38mm Minimum Diameter

    After lots of test fittings, and experimentation I've decided that I'm simply not comfortable with using the JLCR in my 38mm minimum diameter project. Going to go with apogee deployment and a streamer instead to try to bring the rocket down close. The foundation for the build will be a Wildman...
  6. lowga

    JLCR in 38mm Rockets

    I'm working on a 38mm minimum diameter rocket to meet some very specific objectives. These include breaking mach 1, altitude exceeding one mile, and transmitting sensor data via telemetry back to the ground during flight. Have a 38mm carbon fiber airframe ready to go, along with one of the new...
  7. Landru

    Additive Aerospace 38mm (~1.6") Fin Cans now available!

    38mm fin cans are now officially back into production! The latest generation cans are made from PET, and available in 3 and 4 fin configurations, with weights as low as 62g! These cans will have no trouble breaking Mach, and have been proven up to ~M1.4 with lots of room to spare. Currently...
  8. W

    Hermes: Custom 38mm MD Build

    Welcome to my ambitious build! A little backstory: My name is Caden, I'm 18 years old and this is my first year in HPR. I've recently completed my level 2 certification and ever since I've been anxious to move onto something bigger and better (I know I'm another hot shot young guy). Below are...