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Thread: Falcon 9 Dragon

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    20th January 2009

    Falcon 9 Dragon

    Based on the actual rocket being developed by Elon Musk's SpaceX company, this particular rocket is in scale with the Ares I and V etc that I've built, and is quite small in comparison. It's scratch built from the ground up from cardstock. It will fly on Estes mini engines and recover via a streamer. It's about 65% complete as of tonight.

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    20th January 2009
    Very Cool....
    But I have to ask, what is that neato' silver rocket in the background?

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    Yes, I'd like to know as well... I've seen it in the background on both this and the Ares V thread and INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW!!!

    It look really cool... sorta like the "Messiah" spacecraft from "Deep Impact"... (course that has to be the STUPIDEST name for a spacecraft in movie history, AFAIC)

    So what's the story??

    Great build on the Ares V and F-9, BTW...

    Later! OL JR
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    20th January 2009
    The "silver" rocket in the background is the USS Carl Sagan, an original design of mine (static though ). It's from a short story I wrote a few years ago (it gets blown up the in the end, sadly);if any wants to read it I'll post it in the Watering hole section. Back story and photos:
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    Falcon Launch! (as opposed to punch)

    I'll finish the flight equipment on this rocket and the Ares V sometime this week.

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