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Nov 22, 2013
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I've tried every way I know and cannot post a YouTube video or even a link to the video.

Anyone else having these issues????
I'll give it a shot.

Let's see if this works:


Yep, sure does.

If you try a link and it does not work, then replace the text in red below, with the identifier code near the end.

In the one above for example, the Identifier code in blue is:



And replace the bold black "ZZZZZ" in brackets at the start and end, with the word "video", if it does not already appear. Or if it says "url" in both places.

I had to replace "video" in the above example link, with ZZZZZ, to stop it from displaying an inoperative Youtube video play box, instead of the displaying the code example.
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Or you can use the YouTube tag with just the crazy letters/numbers at the end of a video URL:


To get it to show I removed an E from the closing tag, but that works. If I hadn't done that it would show the video.