youtube is gone crazy !!

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Feb 15, 2011
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Roanoke Rapids NC
tried to log on to youtube to upload a video and google wants to verify my email address
so I get them to send me a verification code to my google email address
so I get the verification code google sends me and enter in in where google wants me to put it
Now google say they can not verify my email addy really belongs to me !!

Now they want to send me a verification code to my home phone by text BUT my home phone is not able to receive text messages

the last time this happened about 5 years ago they just called my number and I answered it to verify

So anyone else experience this problem ?
I get that all the time when I forget a password. They want to text me a number to type in a box.
I don't have a cell phone. Even if there is button for a voice phone, it never works.
Says my number doesn't exist.
But as for youtube, I logged in the other day to subscribe to some knife review guy.
Had no problem. I don't have a Gmail account, or maybe I do. Probably have had a couple few over the years, but never wrote in my book.
If they want me to get a Gmail account that is fine, but I will never use it. And don't all them free Email accounts get deleted after 90 days without logging in?
Or at least, it use to be some years back. But, things do change. And faster than I can keep up!
Not with Google/YouTube. Had this happen with a person I know with his Apple ID. Phone was messed up and needed to be reset. Then he could not remember his Apple ID password so we tried to reset the password. Verification was to be sent to his iPhone, which was mid reset so could not receive text message.

While some of this integration is cool, I will say that when things mess up it can be a real pain to work through.
I've ended up with two youtube accounts. Can't log into the old one, but never need to log in badly enough (yet) to try to find a fix for it (Some of the videos are unlisted, so I can only access the ones I happen to have dug up links for in e-mails I sent to some people. But there's many more unlisted ones I do not have any links for) . Ultimately i'd love to merge the two into one, but don't know if that's possible. Would be totally impractical to re-upload everything in the first one into the second one, don't have most of the originals anymore or PITA to find.

I think for my first one, my e-mail was But Apple up and screwed me when they forced everyone to "the Cloud" months earlier than they had promised, which my computer was unable to access. So even now that account is dead to me, I created a Gmail account instead.
I've had a .mac address since the beginning. The changes and updates have been annoying. I really miss when it was email, server space, and photo hosting. :/
And just to think, it all began with this....

My Problem is solved !!

I used a friends cell phone number to have the 6 digit verification number sent to and entered the 6 digit number and now I am back in :)

Yipe LOL
Yay a workaround was found!
On the rest, I hear ya: the internet age has its benefits, but, daaaaaaaang.