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Apr 24, 2004
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a thread to post pics of you naram rockets. heres my deuces wild in flight i got the pic from the naram live website because im too lazy to take my own.:rolleyes:

edit: yay 100 posts
Well, It's not my rocket, but it is my picture.... :)

Here's Carl with his upscale Tres. That's Jim in the background.

edit: corrected spelling of the rocket for the archives/search.
Apologies to Carl & Jim; I musta been tired. ;)
Here's one of my son and his Blue Ninja at the pad
And recovering very close to the registration tent...

This went up on a C11-7 (remember it was windy on Saturday) and everyone
was holding their breath waiting for the deployment!

Very nice flight though!
Here's my PMC: A 1/144 scale TF-104G on micromaxx power.

For scale, note the size of the microclips below the blast deflector--the model easily fits in my hand.

It flies quite well, but sadly, not at NARAM :)