Your favorite non-mainstream low-powered rocket?

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What is your favorite non-mainstream low-powered rocket? I consider Estes and Quest to be mainstream.

Do I have to pick ONE?!?

My vote is for the FlisKits Praetor....

2nd place is the Mighty Mick from ThrustAero.

(Ask me next week and I'll give you a different answer)

A tie between my Fliskits Stingray and my Ven & Jen Nike Ajax (Ajax is D engine, is that low power?)
Mine is the Semroc Squire - beautifully proportioned bird, and a great flyer. The Custom Razor deserves a honorable mention too.

LOL - BIG question is: do we now consider Fliskits as a mainstream vendor? - after all, Filskits are listed in the important addresses section of the new edition of 'The Bible according to Stine'! ;)
My favorite is my Thrustline Aerobee 300 clone ... but that is a Estes knockoff .... does that count ?

Other than that I really like my Thrustline Mighty Mick and Squirrel Works Spirit of Texas !
I'd have to say my Deuce's Helix. What an attention getter at the launch site! You should have seen the looks of the spectators at my pad and the other rocketeers that were about 50 yards downwind doing their own thing when it went up last Sunday!

The other handful of folks also launching there even offered to supply the engines to watch me launch it again!

Too bad I *still* don't have a launch pic!

But I do have a finished pic in my build room...

...on my laptop computer at work!!! ACK!! :mad:


But I *did* go back and find the thread when I finished it and posted pics. If yer interested, go here:
Lot of Duece fans here! I like the Deuce but I'll pick something different - actually it's hard to pick a single favouriite!

Interdictor (Rogue Aerospace)
MIRV Gryphon (Was Seattle Rocketworks, now Lawndart?)
Anything by Sunward Aerospace.
Are upscaled classics considered "main-stream"???

How many Estes "D" or "E" engines can be in the cluster mount before we step out-of-bounds for "low power" in this informal poll?
OK, call me old school, but I really like the 'Paper Tiger'!

Here's info from the NAR web site

It's a quick overnight or weekend (if you let the glue dry properly)
project. And the kids won't believe your rolled your own BT & NC- much
less from a sheet of notebook paper. :)

Always a crowd favorite both before and after a flight.
My vote is for the Thrustline Mighty Mick. It looks good and flys great!

I'd have to go with my Holverson Designs Wicked Winnie - the original, not the FunRockets version. Although, I'm not sure if it's because I really like it or if it's because it's my all time best paint job. (I hate painting - love flying!)

A close second is my Semroc Astro-1.

John (not Jon) Arthur
off the top of my head, not in any order ...

Custom Tristar; Razor is a close second. Flis USS Grissom; Deuce's Wild is a close second. Binder Dragonfly on E9-4. Shrox Orion; SHX-TVM-01 close 2nd. Most any Edmunds! My scratch JIMO.

And, even though they are MPR, Ralphco Crayon rockets of every variation.
It's got to be the Semroc Hydra 7 , but I take it that would be MPR . So the Big Daddy :cool:
I guess I should say the Midnight Express since I've built more than a dozen of them, but really you just can't beat the Deuce's Wild!

Once I get done building it, I'm guessing mine will be the Edmonds CiCi 2, a 2 stage rocket glider, where both stages use glider recovery.
Any of the Fliskits line. They are all good non-mainstream kits, but that is changing fast. Soon we won't be able to consider Fliskits as non- mainstream.........Larry

So mine for now is the DW, or RR ,haven't flown the Tres yet.
I would say my fav is the Fliskits Flea :) High alitiude, easy recovery and good looking!

My favourite in my fleet is the Shadow Composites Sprint~ABM. It's been retired as I had an ejection blow out. That rocket has an interesting flight profile. It also makes quite the howling sound as it goes up. I've been thinking about repairing it lately as it is a beautiful flyer as well as a nice looking kit.

I wish I bought two. :rolleyes:

RocketVision's Mach Buster, a 13" long 1.25 inch diameter rocket that gives mile high flights, reaches mach 1.5 and survives ballistic recovery.

Bruce S. Levison, NAR #69055
call me a flis kit addict, I have'nt seen one I don't like. the rhino has got to be the best flier in the wind though the duece is really nice. but as stated in other posts fliskits is getting to be main stream real fast. almost as fast as the flea. (he he he).:D
I like the RocketHead Battle Axe. It flies great on A8-3's B6-4's and really gets up there on C6-5's.

I really love Art Applewhite's cones, saucers and qubits. Very inexpensive, easy to assemble and fly great.

Oh and please add a Deuce fan to the list although I gotta get out and fly it more, I've only flown it once.
I love my Art Applewhite saucer. Mine is a 38mm though so doesn't qualify for the low power part. Here's a pic anyway on a CTI H143SS. Sorry for butting it into this thread but saucers are fun!

I took the photo with a Canon G3 digital camera. It's great for rockets once you have an LCO with a consistent countdown. ;)

Len Bryan
Between the Semroc Hydra 7 and a scratch-built rocket I'm building with FlisKits parts (5 motors 4x 13mm 1x 24mm)

Link to picture of Fliskits rocket