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May 2, 2009
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when you go to launch them by yourself!

I went to the local High School today to launch some rockets.

first up was the Mach 10

i launched it first on a B4-4.
too much delay, nosecone didnt' have enough time for the streamer to open.

second, Mach 10 on a C6-5
needed a little more noseweight, rocket looped once, nice glide recovery, streamer deployed on nosecone.

3rd, Mach 10 on an A8-3
Perfect flight, straight up, glide was dead-flat and the rocket landed beautifully!

4th, Harpoon AGM 2-stage C11->B4-4
beautiful straight boost, very high flight, good recovery.

5th, Harpoon AGM D12->C6-5
again, perfect boost, recovered within 30 years of the pad.

6th SmallTriAgain C6-5, C6-5, C6-5
:D Flashpan ignition
beautiful straight flight, good recovery.

7th Harpoon AGM D12 ->C6-5
picture-perfect flight.

8th MiniTriAgain A3-4T, A3-4T, A3-4T
perfect, straight boost, streamer recovery.

9th Fade to Black C6-5
nice boost, chute fouled, recovered ok.

10th Small TriAgain C6-5, C6-5, C6-5
i think only 3 motors lit.. model arced over and landed under streamer about .5 mi. away. recovered ok.

11th Mosquito 3D E9-8, E9-8, E9-8
WOW! i lost sight of it after the chute deployed... after a minute or so, i was looking around and spotted it coming down under chute. it appeared to land in a stand of oak trees, but has not been seen since. not recovered.

well, i think that's all!
here's the pics!
first, a shot of the SmallTriAgain at liftoff!
I am clearly an addict, so much that if they made prescription meds to control rocket addiction, I would need it!!!:D

I launch by myself or with my buddy Matt quite often, so much that my motor boxes are becoming lighter than I like them to be.:D

Great launch report. Sorry to hear about the one that got away.:)
but most impressive...
the Mosquito 3E

the motors were hanging 1.25" out the end of the rocket, but what a beautiful flight!
sim says it went 2300' high.
that's a bit excessive for this field...

time to build another one!

[edit - the cloud of smoke looks kinda like Barney riding on a llama that is seated -- or am i jsut weird?]
whether the Mach 10 was going to be stable, but as you can see here, it was quite solid!

thanks, donald!
i launched the Alpha on a C6-5 for its inagural flight
it performed precisely as planned.
it's my Drag Racer