Yipee! Almost a NAR member!

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Apr 7, 2004
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Yea! I finally applied to become a NAR member last night! My membership card should come in a few weeks, and I think I'm supposed to get the next Sport Rocketry that comes out!

I'm so excited!:D :D
Man, they let anybody in these days!!!

(I should know -- they let ME in... :p !! )

What's the old saying? (I don't know if i want to join any club that would have me as a member??

:D ;) :D ;)

Anyway, congrats and welcome!!
Cool beans! I just joined up myself a few months ago right before NARAM.I was a TRA member on and off for several years but decided that,for the money,NAR was a better deal.Not that I wouldn't join both if I could afford it and not that there's anything wrong with TRA but there just seems to be a bit more going on in NAR.I'm happy with it and I hope you enjoy it too.