(Yet another) Fixing an Estes Body Tube (Thread)

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Nov 20, 2012
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Well, my Estes S.W.A.T didn't fly well on the C6-3 I used, augering in before it had a chance to deploy.

The good news is that the damage is minimal - A minor crimp in the body tube, 3 inches from the nosecone.

As I've already replaced the front half of this rocket, I would prefer not to cut the tube, or graft on another one. The camo paint job and decals were a bit of work.

So - how to fix the damage?

After it's straight, I can coat the with CA. Preferred.

Or, I can force a coupler down there, and hope the 'chute gets out past it. I'd bevel the coupler edges to give myself a little better chance.

So, how to get the tube to relax a little, so I can pull out the divot, and it can dry straight and neat?
A picture would help.
I think what you are asking is similar to asking how do I take folds out of a sheet of paper and make it flat again.
Do you have, or know someone that has one of those steam cleaners with the little wand?
Glue sticks to the inside of a coupler, shove it in until the BT hardens back up, then pull out the coupler.