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Jan 18, 2009
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I've had so much fun with my 24mm Fat Boy, I had to build another. Just finished it tonight. The tube was coated heavily with epoxy on the outside, and CA on the ends inside. Stock balsa fins, laminated with epoxy and paper (turned out quite solid). 1/8 ply centering rings. 29mm mount that extends through a 1/8 ply bulk head in the nose cone for wadless recovery. 4 ounces of weight added to the nose. Here's a pic of the finished product. The pic doesn't do it justice. I plan to fly her this weekend at the BluesRockS launch, either on an F23, or a G35,..........or both :)
Airbrush!! My first attempt, too! I've been practicing, and practicing, and all I seem to be good at so far, is crooked lines, sooo :) The white lines look much wider in the picture, I guess because of the flash.
Super paint job. If that doesn't do it justice, I'd sure like to see it in person!