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Jan 18, 2009
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I've been thinking and reading, and have almost decided to get an airbrush. My main reason for wanting one, is I love to create different paint schemes, but am limited as to what I can do with spray cans and masking tape. My question is, has any one dealt with Airbursh City from eBay? Here is the item I've been looking at,

Their feedback is pretty good, and compared to Hobby Lobby, the price is less than half of HL's. Would something like this be a good start? They also list the compressor, with three of the cheaper brush sets for about 99 bucks, would that be a better choice? Then upgrade to a better brush in the future?
Thanks for putting up with all the questions.
Thats a very nice setup, and sure to give you years of happiness. I would add one thing once you get this - a moisture trap.

Compressed air will force out water, which forms into drops that can exit through the hose and find it’s way onto your painted model. Most regulators have an integral moisture trap. An extra caution worth the small cost is to get an inline moisture trap that splices into the airbrush hose. This will serve as a last defense before the water enters the airbrush. Check them periodically to keep them drained of accumulated water.

See this link for a picture of one:

Heres a good one:

Finally, bookmark this page for troubles with airbrushing - quick and simple explanations:

Then your set..8)
Originally posted by Silverleaf
I would add one thing once you get this - a moisture trap.
I'm not an airbrush expert, but doesn't the compressor listed in the kit have a moisture trap (look at the "video")?

Looks like a great setup at a great price to me...
Before you buy a compressor, look at other options.

I use a regular shop compressor, you know the really big ones for air tools.

Works great and lasts a really long time between cycles. There is an air regulator built right on the side, just turn it down to adjust the pressure to 20-25psi.

I've also seen an air compressor made from an old refrigerator compressor pump.

Now...Here is the crudest air source I've ever any of you old timers remember how the windshield washer system worked on the old VW beetle? They used the air pressure from the spare tire to squirt the washer solvent on the windshield!

This is really crude! Get an old spare tire (tread is optional) and fill it up to about 30psi and connect a hose to the tire valve...lasts a lot longer than a spray can of air!

Man am I cheap!

doesn't the compressor listed in the kit have a moisture trap (look at the "video")?

Your correct, but by adding a secondary moisture trap 1/2 way between the brush and compressor, you lessen the likely hood of water passing the first trap. If your working on a really hot day, condensation can pass the first trap. Naturally this is more personal preference in my case. 8)
Good find Styme, and shipping on anything over 50 bucks is free also. I might have to look at that a little closer. One of these days, I'm going to have to come down and check out the H.F. store there in Nashville. I'll just have to leave the plastic at home :)
After doing some shopping locally, I've put a small compressor in layaway at one of the local Wally Worlds. It's similar to the one Styme pointed me to from Harbor Freight, just appears to be a different brand, with lots of accessories. It's a 2 gallon tank, with a 1/3 hp compressor. Very small, but will do what I need it to.

As for an airbrush, I did lots of reading, and went to the local Hobby Lobby to "look" at the Paashe and Aztek sets. I decided on the Aztek due to the simplicity of set up, and cleaning. The local HL had the Aztek 4709 set for 139.99, which is pretty high. So, this morning, I ordered the same set from Great Lakes, for 74.99, plus 7.00 shipping. The 4709 set comes with the airbrush, 5 or 6 nozzles, 4 color cups, 2 jars, nozzle wrench, hose and adaptors, and a video. The brush its self has a life time guarantee also.

Here is a link to Testors page describing the set.