Yet another additional Baby Bertha Bash...

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Sep 11, 2002
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OK< so I am a bit wacky for Baby Bertha bashed designs. I have had the idea for this one for sometime, and finally built it. Once I have flown it, and have decals prepared, I will pst them, and offer them through EXCELSIOR. In the meantime... here is is... the one, the only, the ugly Goonydent:

(Yes, that is two Baby Bertha kits, with an extra nose cone, three BT-5s and a handful of Mosquito nosecones. Rocsim says that it is stable with a 24mm mount....)

Ha! Fred, you've outdone yourself this time!
My only concern would be the new, hi-test ejection charges on Estes D motors. Those vent tubes might be in for some punishment.
Drew Tomko
Yes, that was a concern. I calculated the area of a the end opening of 24mm ESTES engine casing, and created each of the ejection ports to be 1/3 of that area. Each port is liberally filleted. I think I might try to fly it naked on a C11, just to check if the ejection will work.....