Yep... It's an Initiator

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Jan 13, 2004
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Well here it is,
My first mid power!
I didn't have red for the nose cone, but I don't think it looks bad. I can always do it later if it bothers me.
Nice Initiator. I love that rocket!... I have gone through many of them. My first one died when a Flight Systems E60 decided to do what Flights System motors do best (KABOOM!). FSI motors are no longer manufactured... to bad.... :(

Second one Landed in a tree.....

Third one landed in a tree.... and if it wasn't for the pond... I would be able to get it....

Forth one I bougth from my friend Nikita...

Great bird to fly... flies great on F20 Econojet and F25 motors. I am very disapointed that Aerotech discontinued the F14-6J motor... that was my favorite motor for the Initiator :mad:
I had trouble getting (OSH) red enamel & primer to stick to the nose cone plastic. dunno if there is a better choice of paints for that plastic.

on the first flight we got the Aerotech "bonus delay" and the rocket came straight down in to the asphault. the airframe tube was crushed but you know what, all the parts were intact, even the nose cone, just a minor dent!

so I flaked the paint off the nose cone, put all the parts back on a new airframe, and we're in business again! now it's flown a bunch of times.

someone here on TRF called Initiator the "Alpha of MPR" and it really is. both are great fundamental rockets.
Woo hoo! Good job! I love my Initiator! Throw an F40 in it, and you'll be a happy rocketeer!
My experience with the Initiator indicates that an RMS E16 isn't quite enough to keep it going straight.

Your mileage, however, may vary.
I'm building my Initiator right now, along with the Mustang.

Will keep that in mind when I fly it, but I don't want to stick an F40 in there just yet. Maybe an E30.
Thanks for the compliments!
The Mustang definately looks sweet!
Wait for a HL half off sale. They have pretty good deals on AT rockets.
I love my initiator, my first mid powerd rocket. i built it at naram this year and flew it on the E? and F? that came with the kit. and a couple of more times on F20W's. i'm going out to the tripoli of south florida launch to launch it on the 2 F20's i have left. i hope to find a G to try. i don't get too many chances to launch on a field big enough for mid power.
I had and initiator, first flight was perfect, second flight wuz perfect, except for the part where the rocket got caught 20 feet into the tree! :rolleyes:
Right now,
The Initiator is the pride and joy of my fleet. I think I would cry if I saw my biggest, bestest, only mid power rocket dangling in a tree!
it was pretty windy sunday so i only flew it once, on a G80-10. way cool! i love my initiator! it took half an hour to find it and i was getting very afraid i'd never see it again. and to think that i almost didn't put the beeper in it for that flight.

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