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Jan 17, 2009
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I know Jim Ball was having some health problems and they stopped production of the Wasp/Yellowjacket/Hornet launch pads last year. The web site says they would be back in production by early 2004. Does anyone know the status of Jim's health and if their launch pads are going to be produced again?
I heard directly from Jim Ball and he may start producing the WASP (mid-power) or a larger limited edition WASP for low-mid high power later this year. He is concerned about the current regulatory environment and doesn't want to invest in a lot of inventory for the more expensive Yellowjacket and Hornet launch pads. It you like Jim's product and are interested in purchasing one of his launch pads in the future I suggest you contact him directly. If there is sufficient demand I imagine that would have some influence on when/what he will produce.
Anybody knows something new about Jim and his business? I tried to reach him with email but that was two weeks ago... No answer until today.