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Jan 13, 2004
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I just ordered a Loc/Precision Tri-Star today!
This is my biggest most powerful rocket to date. I may go all out on this one. I'm thinking an Altimeter with the the lap top hook up and all that.:D
Anyone else build one? There is only one review on "Rocket Reviews" (not that it can sway my opinion now since it's a done deal)

The thought of three "G's" just makes me giddy:D
Never built one, but have seen them fly. Great models!!! I believe they have room for 3 I69 Ellis Mountain SU's;)

Use gooooood ignitors. Make sure they are mechanically attached to the rear of the rocket, so that if all three ignitors ignite and some motors come up to pressure quicker than others, the ignitor will stay inside the slow motors and bring them up to pressure.
Three I's!!!!!:eek:
Way out of my league. I can't buy an H ...yet:rolleyes:
I'm getting steps. I figure a good mid-power cluster will be a good stepping stone to high-power.
thats pretty cool. too bad it'll be too late for the july 4 launch. mabey next time though.
I built a Tri-Star. I really like that kit. building it was very enjoyable because the tubes easily glue straight and the fins go right on and straight. I liked flying it on 3xF20-7s best.

on its last flight (3xG35-7s), the shock cord separated - the nose cone, upper tube, and reducer flew away, and the body tube crashed.

so, because of the 3 ejection charges, use a LOT of wadding and dog barf. also, consider upgrading the LOC "underwear elastic" shock cord to tubular nylon or even kevlar. last, consider taking the powder charge out of one of the motors - 2 is more than enough.

I have a 3" coupler and length of airframe and nose cone - the Tri-Star shall rise again but somewhat different ...

I used FireFly igniters. they always light all three motors.

there is a thread about building one


but I guess that's the same as the EMRR review.