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Jan 18, 2009
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I had been reading the spool threads and decided to take today's shopping trip as a chance to get a spool rocket supply. I got the tube free and I already have the CDs so this is my cheapest rocket ever.

Finally, I start scratchbuilding with a spool rocket. I'm trying to think of a name right now as I am using Aol CDs. How about "Mindspring's Better"?

Anyways, it is a 4" piece of BT-20 with 2 standard CDs. It will have no thrust ring and no motor hook to allow for different size motors and ease of assembly. That's about the only thing special about it. I have heard good things about these designs.
Well, it's done. How's that for a quick build? I do have pics but I can't post em until Wednesday at the earliest.


This will have a streamer, as I was doing a test by simply throwing it today and one of the CDs cracked afalling from a height of less than 10ft. Of course it hit the only strip of concrete in the area, which was about 1ft wide :(.