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Jan 17, 2009
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Milwaukee, WI
I've made a number of updates to the main site, Ye Olde Rocket Shoppe, and to Ye Olde Rocket Plans.

At Rocket Shoppe, I've made the following additions:

Updated the Expanded Estes Kit List. Added plans on converting the Estes Nike-Apache to a two-stage model to the Building Tips page. Added a template for making a PNC-50SP cone from a PNC-50BB cone found on a Skywriter.

You can view the What's New page to get quick links to the new stuff.

Over at Rocket Plans, I've added the following goodies:

KOPTER Pterosaur #RK15 from Bayard Storey 04-23-04
KOPTER JET-i-SON Glider #RK07 from Dan Eastwood 04-23-04
KOPTER JET-i-SON Glider Rotor#RK13 from Dan Eastwood 04-23-04
Estes V-2 #K-22 from Sean Lannan 04-23-04
American Modeler MMI Article 05/58 from Sean Lannan 04-23-04
American Modeler Rocket College 08/59 from Sean Lannan 04-23-04
American Modeler NARAM-2 1961 from Sean Lannan 04-23-04
Estes Citation Flyer from Sean Lannan 04-23-04
MRC Thermal Hawk Glider #LS-140 from Don Fent 04-17-04
MRC Wildfire #TR-107 from Don Fent 04-17-04
American Modeler "Little Canaveral" from Sean Lannan 04-17-04
Estes MR Headquarters Poster from Larry Rice 04-17-04
Centuri ESS Raven Decals from Larry Zeilmann 04-14-04
NAR Flyer circa mid-60's from Sean Lannan 04-14-04
SMI (Canaroc) Challenger #10000 04-14-04 (Updated)
Canaroc Orion IV #CK-2 from Don Fent 04-14-04
Centuri F-16 Fighter #5317 from Arley Davis 04-14-04
Added Roto-Rocket Plans 04-10-04
Roto-Rocket Space Station #RR-2 from Mike Dickinson 04-10-04
Canaroc Starfighter Scorpion #54016 04-10-04 (Updated)
NAR Competition Plan Lance from Buzz McDermott 04-10-04
NAR Competition Plan Jet-Freak from Buzz McDermott 04-10-04

If you have any OOP rocket plans or other ephemera to share with others, send your scans to [email protected]. If you don't have a scanner, contact us at the same email address for our snail mail address and we can scan the info for you.

Do you have any room on the YORS site for Rocket Vision plans? I have some of them, do you think anyone else would be interested?

Bruce S. Levison, NAR #69055
teflon: send them to me and I will scan and convert them to pdf and send you and YORS copies....
Originally posted by shockwaveriderz
teflon: send them to me and I will scan and convert them to pdf and send you and YORS copies....
I already emailed Bruce this morning letting him know I have plenty of room.

Whoever does it, besides the pdf, send me the originals of any decals, templates, first page of instructions and header card if you have it. Thanks.
I got lots of scanning to do. I wish the Rocket Vision web site was on the internet archive. I thought they had .pdf files for each Rugged rocket on their website.

Bruce S. Levison, NAR #69055