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Jan 17, 2009
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Milwaukee, WI
I've added a number of new plans to the site. Here's what's been updated since my last notice:

FSI Echo 1 #MRK-15 from Don Fent 04-05-04
MRI WAC Corporal #3-7201 from Buzz McDermott 04-04-04
Flying Models Jupiter-C Plans 01/59 from Sean Lannan 04-05-04
Estes Vector #0871 04-05-04 (Updated)
Estes Maxi-Alpha #1291 04-05-04 (Updated)
Estes Fireaero #1953 04-05-04 (Updated)
Centuri Payloader II #KC-20 (Old Version) from Buzz Nau 04-05-04
Estes How to Build Launch System from Sean Lannan 04-05-04
Added AVI Astroport Plans 04-04-04
AVI Astroport Star Warrior #AX-1 from Buzz McDermott 04-04-04
Estes Sky Dart #K-57 from Greg Poehlein 04-04-04
Estes Big Bertha #1223 04-04-04 (Updated)
Canaroc Parts Conversions for Cloning from Fred Talasco 04-01-04
Canaroc Green Hornet #DK-8 04-01-04 (Updated)
Canaroc Starfighter Scorpion #54016 04-01-04 (Updated)
Canaroc Starship Antares #SF-1 04-01-04 (Updated)
FSI Viking III #MRK-XI from Sean Lannan 04-01-04
Canaroc Guide to Space Modelling from Don Fent 04-01-04
Apogee Maxima 1/2A-A from Don Fent 04-01-04 (Updated)
Estes Passport to Space Flyer from Buzz McDermott 04-01-04
Estes D13 Motor Intro Flyer from Buzz McDermott 04-01-04
Estes Mini-Brutes Intro Flyer from Buzz McDermott 04-01-04
Estes Swift #0810 from Craig McGraw 03-31-04
MPC Moon Go #R-841 from Mike Dickinson 03-31-04 (Updated)
MRC Iron Man #LS-100 from Don Fent 03-31-04
MRC TrailBlazer #LS-104 from Don Fent 03-31-04
Rogue Deep Surface Probe #10028 from Buzz McDermott 03-31-04