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Jun 24, 2012
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YES I am going to be building the bullet for my level 1cert,now befor i start building has anyone have any sujestions on this build, any inprovments to building it stock, i know building it stock should easly pass cert, any moter sujestions? i would love to here any bodeys coments. THANKS.

That's one cool looking rocket! I like the look and overall feel of it from that picture. I have a similarly sized and weighted rocket (4" x 52") that I'll be using for my L1, so I'd say that looks like a great rocket.

As to hints and tips, I'd say build it like any other LOC/Yank kit. Use of 12-15 minute epoxy throughout will be more than enough.

Some advice: HAVE FUN!

jetra2 glad you mentiond epoxy 12-15 min, is that cunsiderd mid- cure epoxy?? as instructions call for a mid-cure epoxy.

Short Cure: 1-5 minutes
Mid Cure: 12-20
Long Cure: 20 minutes plus
Thin: 20 minute finishing epoxy or something like West Systems.

CLICK HERE to see a healthy modification on a Yank Bullet by Gary Sinclair. Or you can see my unmodified Yank review.

For a Level 1, this rocket has flown great on H128's.

Hi I'm allmost done with my Yank bullet the only thing left to do is the fillets and mount my aero pack retainer.

On a G-69-7 it will go 490 meters and take 9.49 to apogee.
on a h153ss-10 it will go 800 meters and take 11.28 sec to apogee.'

On a I 285-10 it will go 1260 meters and take 12.55 secs to apogee, the rocket will hit 1143.74 KM/HR.

I got this numbers from a friend who owns Coast Rocketry.
He was the one suggesting the Bullet to me:)
Inexpensive and he has one he used for L1,L2 and L3.
For L3 he extended and glassed it.
Not a bad deal all 3 levels with one rocket and some mods to it.
As long as it doesn't Cato for any reason.
I'm going to use the Pro38 system as I have the stuff here in the city.

I will be launching tomorrow and like to bring my bullet out for a test flight on a G before I go for my L1 cert flight.
My friend he's also the presidentfor our rocket club BCRC and the CAR rep here in BC so he's the one who will judge my L1 attempt.

I will bring my camera for tomorrows launch instead of facing the wrath of TRF's members.

The Bullet is a great kit. The former Yank company did a great job on this design and I'm glad Barry at LOC Precision kept the Yank line viable.

I would not hesitate on building this model stock. The ONLY modification I did to mine was to install positive motor retention. You can do this easily with two T-Nuts in the rear centering ring. There's plenty of room. Then use mirror clips, screen door clips or wire clamps to retain your motor with no worries.

The Bullet should be a really GREAT level 1 cert. rocket. You should get decent but not extreme altitude on motors like H128, H123 or H242. Later you could do an I161 or I211 for a real thrill.

Good Luck, --Lance.
very interesting Nick, great review I really injoyed it. when you mentioned that the nose cone was smaller then the bt I checked mine and it is just right, I also noticed that my nc is more rounded at the tip, and yours and some outhers I have seen have more pointer tips, one outer thing is I have a orange chute, not pink. do you or any one else know if this was changed by loc. THANKS bill