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Jan 25, 2004
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Just wanted to let you guys know, you have got me infatuated with the Crayon rockets. When I get back from Tennessee, I am going on my journey for my tubes. Someone told me I could use a plastic bank for a tube or a cardboard one. Which do you prefer, or can I only use one kind? I was thinking the cardboard, because I know how thin the plastic is and i'd think it would melt the first or second time I put it up on the 29 mm motor mount I was going to put it on. Any advice/ suggestions?? Thanks in advance!
The only crayon banks I've used or seen have been paper. However, I have used and seen many plastic doohickies turned into rockets. In general paper is easier to use than plastics as a wider varieties of glues adhere to it.

The crayon banks are a great rocket value. The ~4dia ones are the most common but the company makes others.
My son came home today from a yard sale with a Crayon bank. I said "hey bud, you know we can make that fly dont you", and he took off running to his room yelling "NOOOOOOOOOO!!"
We are still "negotiating".:D
The Ralphco crayon banks from We Be Toys are only 5 bucks. You get a plastic nose, cardboard tube, and plastic fincan.

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