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Jan 17, 2009
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Ya know I really like the format of this forum.

The threads are easy to follow, you post a reply right at the particular thread...OK...sometimes we get sidetracked but, that's just US!...then read the other answers. Heck you can even go back and correct your spelling later!

My question to the group is.

Can you follow the threads and replys in the Yahoo (specifically) groups?

I have such a hard time in Scaleroc, OldRockets...I usually just give up in disgust.

I mean somebody will ask a question and then the replys seem to have nothing to do with the question...and it's mixed in with so many other posts...I get confused.

Or is it just me.

I haven't noted any problems with Yahoo groups. The turn-around time is poor at times, but I don't recall messages getting out of order (like getting a response to a message I haven't seen). Not saying there hasn't been other problems, just none that I've noticed.
The problem with Yahoo Groups is that it's too difficult to follow a thread, thanks to the "one message at a time" presentation format. If you subscribe via email and use your email client to file messages into separate folders for each group/mail list, it's a little easier, but it's still not as organized as BB formats like this one.

Thank you, That's my point!

Scaleroc isn't so bad but OldRockets seems to be all over the place.

I guess most of my groups basically just have one 'thread' at a time. There is obviously no comparison with TRF :)
Well, the German Rocketry Forum looks good seems to be in a foriegn language!

Actually Apollo 11 in the UK had this same format that we use. I was a member there before I found this place.

Originally posted by sandman
Well, the German Rocketry Forum looks good seems to be in a foriegn language!

Actually Apollo 11 in the UK had this same format that we use. I was a member there before I found this place.


Yup the German forum looks like it has a lot of good content. I got frustrated however since Babelfish seems to get lost and quit translating. Also it appears it doesn't do so well with poor spelling.
I'm a member of a few different-interest Yahoo Groups, and the one thing that they do is IF you have something to add to a topic thats already started is leave the darn title alone.

IF you want to go off on another tangent, rename the thread with the keyword WAS: at the beginning.

.if you do alter it an NOT rename the thread, you recieve a warning. 2 such occurances and your banned for a week. 3 = a month, 4 is gone permanently.

That way anyone who wants to stay with the main thread can, and find them much easier.

This forum is excellent, and not just because its the only place I hang out anymore, BUT I would really like to see 2 forum additions:

Scale Rocketry ( Pretty Please with sugar and a cherry on top ? )

I can't use the yahoo forums. They are firewalled-out here at work, and when I use my home (dial-up internet) computer the yahoo stuff runs so slowly that for all practical purposes, it just doesn't run. I don't have the patience/temperment/desire to go through all the horses**t to get a password just to get in there and look, or to sit down and figure out how the thing works. Data on that forum is basically unavailable to me.

TRF, on the other hand, runs like a dream. It is well organized. It takes care of 99 percent of my rocketry info needs.
My Ntrak group uses a yahoo group to communicate. It works well for us as we have only about 10 members. The larger yahoo groups are impossible to follow, IMHO
I know what your talking about, especially in the contest group! it can take an hour to follow a complete thread:(

I've found it's usually easier to log into the group and read for there then trying to follow them in a digest. I think the only digest I still have is for Scaleroc. Anyway, if you log in, go to the messeges file then click on the topic your trying to follow and yea you have to scroll back pages and pages sometime but you can get the whole picture.
I'm with you thou... I really like the format here on TRF!
I guess I'm lucky that the Yahoo groups I use are not that busy :eek:
Sandman, I hear you about Yahoo groups. OldRockets tends to go all over the place, and as Silverleaf mentions, the topics tend to mutate into other areas pretty quickly. That said, I think it's still a good place to get info. Scaleroc is more manageable because there is less traffic. I also belong to SpaceModelers, which can get bogged down in intensely specific discussion, but has a lot of very knowledgeable people. I much prefer the format here because you can go right to a thread you're interested in.
there is a group in the u.k called rocketry,its format is'nt anywhere near as good as TRF and if like me you'r not very computer literate then it's actually quite hard to post threads.Thats what i really like about TRF,you just log on and your away,no messing about.:D