Yahoo groups Space Modeler..must see Vostok

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Feb 22, 2003
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Every once in awhile, David Weeks turns the world on end with his incrediblely detailed models, and once again, the polar caps are all ascue.

If your not a member of Space Modeler, you owe it to yourself to check out his recent absolute work of art, and so meticulous. Look under New Ware Vostok...

Serious, mad skillz !
I can't get in there. Something in the company firewall does not let me go look. Don't know what I hate worse, the pesty firewall or the stupid yahoo chat setup.

Are there any other places to see Weeks' work?
It's nice... but does it fly through space and beep? Or for that matter, does it even know how to make an omelet for cryin out loud???

Originally posted by hokkyokusei
You have to be a member of that yahoogroup, I think.

At work the firewall will not allow this Yahoo stuff through.

At home, it takes forever to get Yahoo through my country dial-up modem, and I lose patience. Why in the heck they have to be set up to 'password in' I'll never understand.