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Jan 17, 2009
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Anybody here having trouble with yahoo email?

It worked this morning, then I got an anouncement about the "new and improved" Yahoo email!!!

Larger mail box size!

Larger emails!

But I can't get into it.

I keep getting alerts that I have "new mail".

But all I get is "page cannot be found":(

This is not my idea of an improvement!

Yeah, I got those messages, fortunately, I _can_ get in. So I don't really know what to suggest there. In my experience, emailing them for help has always been pretty fruitless, but the phone usually works.
Funny thing... after constantly trying to get us to pay ten bucks a month for the upgrade, they gave it to us for free. Mine works fine. You may want to delete the cookie on your PC and try to re-login if you keep it "logged in on this computer."

I can get into "yahoo mail" but I can't get into any my inbox.

They had to up the ante after Google's Gmail was launched. When companies compete, the end user wins!
My dad just called me asking me about this new account thing for his SBC/Yahoo e-mail. He said that the e-mail he received said that he was over his limit on his yahoo account and that he could increase his account size just by clicking on the link provided. We went around the link and found that his box was empty, and thus not anywhere near the max limit.

Sounds remarkably like a scam that my wife and I both got from an Earthlink imposter a few months ago. The link led us to a site that looked identical to the Earthlink site, right down to the copyright thing on the bottom. But when we ran a whois search on the site, it showed a Brazilian ISP! It was asking for everything from home address to credit card and ATM numbers. Pretty obvious fraud. Same thing happened a few weeks later, but from a Honduran ISP. Reported that one, too.

Bottom line:
Never, Never, EVER click through on one of those links and then provide your account info. Access your provider from the address bar URL that you know and trust.

When they first switched me to the larger storage and attachments, it was a bit slow to load, or delte messages.

Now its flying faster than it was before, so all in all it works great now. 8)
I can get in, read my messages, but....the buttons to delete, reply, etc. are not responding.
I think that they have quite debugged it yet.
Well, it sorta working now....slow...and the delete button is still broke.

I wonder if Hotmail will answer in kind and increase their measily 2mb limit. I don't keep alot of mail, so it doesnt matter, but it's nice to know I can use Yahoo now to mail most small video files.

My Yahoo mail has been SUPER SLOW for two days now, with zero access at some times (timing out)