Yahoo and Yahoo-owned websites moving slowly to interminably slowly

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Jun 29, 2011
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Is it solely me, and my parents on the other side of this state, having trouble with Yahoo and Yahoo-owned websites moving and loading slowly to interminably slowly?
This has been going on for several days now.
Yahoo itself, tumblr, and flicker photo hosting are taking from half a minute to a couple minutes to long enough to give up.
Have been on one forum where it was noticed thread pages which used flickr for photo hosting were stalled in loading because of those images.
That this is happening in more than one browser on my computer, and with my 70 year old parents where Dad knows much more about computers than I do, who are a couple hours away from here and have a different ISP, tells me it is the websites and not my box of bits and bytes.
I don't know enough about other people's internet providers to know if they are having trouble since the several people I do know well don't use those websites at all.
And wondering if it has anything to do with Verizon's purchase of Yahoo.

Google Plus has had some issues today too, that I have also heard from users in several states. Don't have word from other countries, yet.