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Jan 4, 2009
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Does anyone have any good suggestions on portable XM and/or Sirius radio receivers?

Would like something that can go from car, to office and home (extra speakers are okay). Also would like decent sound through car system, as I don't have a plug port.

Please don't leave me to the teenager in Best Buy for recommendations. :(
At home and car, you will need an antenna that (in your area) can look mostly upwards, maybe a bit to the south (XM and Sirius have different satellites...do you need the cool link to the satellite tracking website?).

If you have wireless internet at home you can use that feature built into the higher end Sirius receivers. I'm not familiar with the XM units. Some models to be released sometime in the future can get both XM and Sirius. Until then, you can sign up for one and for a few bucks more you can subscribe to "the best of" the other.


Sitletto 2 is your best bet with appropriate docking stations and antennas.

I have the XTR8CK and mostly just leave it in the car. I used the streaming web player at home up until they started to charge extra for it.

I didn't realize, until yesterday, that any portable satellite radio must be installed in your car - because of the antenna and interference.

So I take it they're really not that portable then?
I have been looking into the same for a while. Done little research but what I have found is that there was a battle between Sirius and XM, no sure of the details. And I stopped there because I did not wanted to get stuck with some technology that would not get support in the near future (like Blu-ray and HD disks, or Betamax and VHS...)

Keep researching and "do" listen to the teenager at Best Buy, he/she may have a few ideas on this. Check websites and look for reviews on the products.

I believe you can get what you want by getting a docking station for you home sistem and another for your car. For your office you may want to look into one of those small "boom box" radios that have an XM/Sirius docking station or something smaller. Just make sure all your docking stations will take the same module. Good luck and post your findings.
They have docking stations for the newer models. The wiring for power and antenna and audio out all feed into the docking station and all you do is plug in the unit.

Mine is older. I use a suction cup mount on the windsheild (In the perfect position in the lower left corner) with the 3 wires running behind the headliner (antenna) and dash (power and FM-out to my FM switch). These 3 tiny wires simply connect to the unit. I can quickly pop the unit out and pop off the 3 conectors.

I did so a few weeks ago when i had a rental car without Sirius. I used my extra antenna and DC power cord (plugs into acc/cig) and an audio out cable from an MP3 player to connect to "AUX". Worked fantastic.

Next week is "Turn Stern On" week for XM subscribers who have not yet elected to buy the "Best of Sirius" package. Free Howard for a week.

The manuals for most of the radios should be PDF on the web. No time to look for you as I must run out to the flight ramp and eat a free breakfast as I'm supporting a fly-away of the latest C-17 this morning.
AKpilot, I've got an XM that I would GIVE you if you just want to pay for the shipping. I've had it about 2 yrs. and love it!! You CAN get a docking station for work, home, but the other people posting are right when they say that you need to have an antennea by a window to pick up the satellite. So if you work in a cinderblock or cubicle it won't work.I just had mine turned off, because my wife got upset that I was paying $100 a yr. for radio!!:bangpan: I tried to explain the plusses of it, but to no avail. So now I've got it just sitting in my console. It sure could use a good home, and all you would have to pay for is shipping and a new subscription for the radio. Heckova deal if you ask me...let me know by PM if you have any other questions or if you are interested...:)
Just an add on... you dont need a port to listen in the car, tune your radio to a station that has static and sync the xm in with that station. It sounds just like your regular radio stations playing. The only downside is if you travel very far you might need to find another "blank" station to tune into. For example, 93.9 is great in Denver, but need to tune into 92.2 when I go to Ft. Collins, because they use 93.9. Otherwise I think they are great!!!:D