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Jun 15, 2009
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found out that we could get eight miles range at 500 ft agl. only tested to a lower limit of 500 feet. put the transmitter on the wind screen and pointed the aircraft toward the recieve site i figured that the fuselage might form a blind spot that the rocket would not. it did. at ten miles we were losing packets with the dipole rubber duckie antennas. we noticed a seroius problem with the radiation pattern from the antenna if it goes straight up you will lose it until you are about ten degress off verticle. it is a side lobe issue from the rubber duckie.so for lauch telemetry it would probally take two transmitters, but since we are only interested in tracking and the gps's will shut down on launch due to the speed restriction. at apogee we should get it back and it will be far enough down range for the side lobe issue to not be a problem.

still in testing mode. next try is the g table to see how it will live.