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Aug 22, 2004
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I recently bought an x10 wireless video camera to install in one of my rockets. For those that have worked with this camera (or in the know), can you please assist.

Problem: The power cord has 3 wires (red, White, and bare). What is the sequence to hooking them up to a DC battery source with only 2 leads?

The bare has zero volt, red has 20 volts, and the white 19.5 volts. Testing the red and white combined is 20 volts. Are the red and white joined to make one or is that a bad idea?

Thanks in advance,

Most likely,
the bare is your ground,
The red is your 'positive'
And the white is probably teh return, teh neutral, the negative voltage...

Joining the red & white will probably create a short circuit

I'll bet the camera requires a 24VDC source.. And comes with a 'wall adapter' to plubg into 120VAC. Which is what your 'power cord' probably ends with..

Check out the Clay brothers Video Rocketry site. It has a lot of great information regarding utilzing the X10 camera in rocketry applications.

Here is the link:

Video Rocketry

There is also an associated Yahoo discussion / email group at:

Vidroc Yahoo Group

Enjoy and good luck!
that will run the xcam for about 4 hours on 4 x AA batteries
what kind of power source are you using?

they claim a transmission distance of 100' in wide open space...but if that' swaht the clay bros are using, it' sgotta have more than that!
I have referenced the clay brother's site quite a bit, but they do not provide the details of connecting the battery source. They indicate positive and ground wires, but no mention of the 3rd wire.

Therefore, I am stuck at this point. Any help is welcomed.