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Thanks for posting the MSNBC article. I for one hadn't seen that.

I think it's great that estes is getting involved with the X Prize. Seems like rocketry is getting some excellent press lately!

Originally posted by Micromister
Yes we know see the 2 or 3 other treads on estes new offerings

I for one appreciate this thread. It's good to see model rocketry in the headlines. I didn't realize something like this would make it to MSNBC. That's big time for us little guys!
Originally posted by eugenefl
I didn't realize something like this would make it to MSNBC. That's big time for us little guys!
Thats exactly my reaction, upon following the link earlier - cheers for posting it, Occam.

The X-Prize tie-in is a shrewd move by Estes, IMHO. Its probably alot cheaper for them, than a 'normal' tie-in, such as Star Wars or Star Trek. I do hope that this new range will encorage newbies to the hobby (or create some BARs).

Now, if we can just get this news story to make the move from MSNBC, to CNN or The BBC ....... :cool:
Thanks Eugene et al. I thought I got hit in the head for a minute.

I think it is a smart move because these theme kits may sometimes drive sales to complete the "set". So instead of selling one, you end up with selling eight over some period of time. At least for me, if I could find the time, this would be a great start for my youngin' and I could get him a new one in the set @ christmas, birthday, halloween, easter, etc...

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the story is getting around ...

everyone I've shown the X-prize ships to has had to crank their jaw up off the floor. non-rocketeers all tell me "I want those! I'm gonna buy a couple and build them and you take me out flying!"

I think Estes will sell these by the shipload.

it would be really great to be able to buy an entire set together. kinda like a boxed CD set.
Originally posted by OccamMD
I thought I got hit in the head for a minute.
Lol - the only thing which could earn you that, around here, is not posting enough pics!!!! ;) Its THEN we send the boys round!! :kill:

I agree with you about the 'collectability' of this range. When you look at a range of anything, theres normally a some you want; and if theres enough that you actually want, you might get the rest for completeness. This range is differant. I want them all because I like the look of them all. None are too 'samey' to each other, and they've done their best at catering for all tastes (cluster, 13mm, 18mm, 24mm, glider, etc). There seems to be no 'dead weight' in this range.

If the X-Prize tickles the public's fancy enough, Estes could be sitting on a gold mine. :cool:

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It might be good for them to sell them as "sets" to school classes for science projects in groups. Especially since the X-prize may already have been won by then, it seems like it would spur some learning.

I know I would buy a set right now.

you'll have to send eugene to kick me in the head, he's pretty close!
Dis anybody notice the "upscales" of soem of those X-Prize estes models in the Old Rocketshoppe photos? The "display" models? Too bad Estes didin't come out with medium and large versions,but as we all know, it will be just a matter of time before enterprising modelers here, start to upscale their fav X-prize models.... or downcale them to use micro-maxx?

I was also interested to note that Estes will be making die-cast versions of these models...... I wonder if they will be small like the micro-sizer rc cars are?

The Nex Mexico Spaceport was just recently announced as the host of a 2 week long Xprize festival..... And there are 5-6 NAR sections/TRA prefectures in New Mexico that might be able to put on a 2 week demo/display of model and high power rocketry at this Xprize Festival,,which has the potential to draw hundeds of thousands of visitors yearly.....

Mybe Estes and the NAR should get together and have Xprize competitions for altitude and duration using stock Estes Xprize kits ?
What I also find inetersting is that there are other Xprize entrants that Estes is not making models of.....perhaps Quest will pick up the slack and introduce their own line of Xprize models using the new DE ngines later this fall?