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Jan 20, 2009
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Does any fellow TRF members that has a connection with Estes know if Estes has cancelled the following X-Prize rocket kits?

Loan Star kit # 2190
Scaled Composites SpaceShipOne kit # 2191

I just went to their website and noticed that they are not listed or posted as if they never even existed. They still have the Oracle kit #187 listed as being available in Spring 2005 which we all know will probably be available in Fall 2005.

I read somewhere that Estes may have somekind of copyright issue with the SpaceShipOne? I sure hope they did not cancel the kit as they did the F117 years back.

This is very frustrating as they advertised the two kits I mentioned in several issues of the Sport Rocketry magazine. Sometimes I think vendors do this to tease us?
I'm just guessing here but, I would imagine the "X-prize" wasn't quite won yet when these kits were being developed by Estes. Once the prize was actually won is where the legal issues most likely began. Not much we can do but, wait and see at this point.