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Like this one from squirrel works...



Originally posted by gladiator1332
Found this on an EBAY search...has anyone ever built one of these? Or know where I else I can find one just in case I don't win the auction (or if I even bid for it)


I keep a close eye on the eBay rocket auctions.

Those seem to come up often.

At least, relatively speaking anyway.

If you really want it and don't win this one, just be patient - another one will come by soon enough.

Good luck!
You can get the plans from Jim Z. They even print the patterns with the color on them. Just put in the card stock and there you go. But if you want a kit I have heard great things about the squirel works.
Thanks for the plug Rockethead, but we don't make that kit anymore. Both the bug and the goblin were test kits used to refine our qa procedures and had only limited runs.

Now the good news.

Don has a thing for paper airplanes, and paper airplanes with rocket engines in them, well he's hooked. So he had me update the skin design. The colors are brighter and the markings reconfigured for a more streamline appearance, but the basic shape remains the same. Also the face card, which can be viewed on our site, (https://www.squirrel-works.com/catalog/xrv/xrv.html) is my personal favorite to date.


P.S. I was with Don when the skys cleared long enough to fly your Battle Axe. Nice job there, she flew really well.
you don't even have to do clone the X24! Quest still has it "new version" cheap! Well at least they did a year ago:) Flys just about as well also... not that great a glider but an interesting flight:) Having built and flown both I do think the X-24 is a slightly better glider than the HL-20 but not by a great deal.
FYI there is an X-24 up on ebay right now thats a clone. In its picture it appears opened with the parts laid out on a piece of white paper. The original did not have a balsa cone and Centuri always used red clay. The guy selling it calls it an "old hobby shop find" but he is careful not to say that its an original kit. He has sold several of these on Ebay, do you think a hobby shop really had several of these in mint condition with no bag and perfectly flat printed sheets? Just don't pay an original kit price on this one thats a copy.