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Jul 24, 2003
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Hi guys

Sorry we couldn't make the TRF launch yesterday, but by way of compensation, Paul Clark came to SERFs on Sunday with some of his kits, and I managed to get a series of nice photos of his X-15-3 Delta launching on an F.

Also saw his NEW kit - anyone want to hazard a guess?

Now the question is - which one of Paul's kits should I build? The X-15, the X-15-3 Delta, or...

Next frame... I like this one!

Wonder if I could R/C this bird...?

I only remember Paul saying it was a 29mm F on a 38mm adaptor.

Don't have his website details either - I'll ask him later today and post them.

Here's the X-15-3 D landing - right next to the pad!

Any ideas re the new kit yet?

I would really like to see a good mid-power X-15 scale kit. I've been in love with that thing since I was eight years old. Cosmodrome's been working on one for awhile but it's apparently not even in beta-test yet.
Gary, did you get either of these kits? Hokky and I have both just got Paul's X-15A-2 kits and I'd be interested to hear any tips you've got.
Oh baby..is that a Bomarc ?

The X-15 is killer sweet off the pad, and that 2nd photo looks like the real deal going vertical..love it !
Silverleaf - give that man a coconut!

Here's a pic of the Bomarc with the man himself prepping.

Mike, I did get the X-15, no tips on the build as yet, just taking it slow and reading the instructions time and time again.

I might paint mine white, or maybe that "pink" colour I saw once...

Then again...

Originally posted by Damage...
Mike, I did get the X-15

Nice one, perhaps you, Hokky and I should go for a 3-way drag race if ever we all meet up.

See you soon.
Originally posted by Damage...
I might paint mine white, or maybe that "pink" colour I saw once...

Remember that it never actually flew "in the pink" as it were. ;-)
The pink ablative layer was covered with white sealant before flight.

So do I go for "classic" black, or the lesser known white?

And were the those colours both "matt" or glossy? Where is the best site for pics?

Mike, are you going to Canterbury Cup? I'm going and I think Hokky is too... and maybe even Paul!

Enter them in the Scale class - and then -

Mass X-15 launch?!

Don't think I can make Canterbury Cup :(

Gary, check you've got the right vacu-formed front chines with your kit, I got the ones for X-15 Delta (about half the length) and think Hokky did too. Paul's sending me some new ones.
I'm guessing white would be easier, overall, as IIRC the coating obscured quite a lot of the detailed markings. Wouldn't swear to it though. Did the X-15 ever fly in white without the external tanks? Not sure!. Some nice pics here: https://www.dfrc.nasa.gov/Gallery/Photo/X-15/index.html

I'm to be at the Canterbury Cup, but I'm pretty sure the X-15 won't be completed by then.


Still can't decide which scheme - like to do black but probs getting the white decals.



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