WVSOAR Launch August 8, 2009

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Apr 26, 2009
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Just thought I'd advertise the WVSOAR launch on August 8, 2009 at the Bob Evans Farms in Rio Grande, OH. Launching starts around 10 am and ends around 3 or 4 pm. The launch is NAR sanctioned and the club website can be found at www.wvsoar.org. MerlinMissiles often attends WVSOAR launches and supplies rocket motors and kits as well as other rocket supplies.

WVSOAR membership fees are 20.00/year for a family/individual of 3 or less. For families of more than 3 persons, membership fees are 25.00/year.

Launch fees for members are 10.00/day and 15.00 day for non members. The launch fees go to cover the costs of insurrance, the NAR charter, and purchasing club equipment in the future. At present time, WVSOAR launches are BYOG (bring your own gear) but we hope to provide pads in the future. Contact members of WVSOAR. Often, a pad with your needs will already be onsite.

IIRC, We have an FAA waiver to 10k feet, however, anything over 3k MUST use dual deployment. Dual deployment is HIGHLY recommended for Flights over 2k. Due to the field and wind conditions, flights over 4k are not recommended unless the winds are calm.

Join the WVSOAR yahoogroup "WVSOAR" to get the most up to date information on this launch. Hope to see you there!

P.S. Anyone planning to come out?

If this was not the same weekend Naram starts we would make the trip out. Let me know when your next lauch is.
Just like to add a couple of things.

The launch site is at least 3500 feet on the shortest side and there is no corn or beans anywhere. Mostly pasture and some hay depending on the time of year.

Joe offered good advice on altitude restrictions if you want to se your rocket again. Last month saw three new rocketers. Really exciting to see someone launch for the first time.

I will be on vacation for this one but will be back for the launch in September. Not sure of the date. Stay tuned.

Everyone welcome. Very informal. Very friendly.

The other Joe