WVSOAR January Business Meeting/Meal in Rio Grande, OHIO

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Kirk G

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Jan 9, 2012
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As we wind up 2016, the West Virginia Southern Ohio Amateur Rocketry club is beginning to plan for the next year.

Our organizational meeting/meal will be held at Bob Evans Restaurant in Rio Grande, Ohio on Saturday, January 14th at 1:00 p.m.
We will cover our proposed schedule of monthly launches (March-November 2017), selection/affirmation of club officers, paying of dues, sharing of current projects, and anything else for the good of the order...
If you're interested in our club, or want to take a look at the field, or are thinking of coming out to fly during one of our monthly Saturday launches, please consider coming out to break bread with us. All meals
are on your own tab, and the Bob Evans menu is well known. We'll see you in Rio Grande, Ohio in the new year!
As you begin to plan your launch schedule, please work with me or Joe Grubb so that we can attempt to avoid overlaps in schedule. BTW, please make the trip to fly with us, as I think you will enjoy the field than the crew!

Gary brings up a good point. Three WVSOAR members also attend the Tripoli Mid Ohio launches - Joe G., Tim M. and myself. I think I've seen a couple of the Dayton area guys at both launches also.

Tripoli Mid Ohio launches are scheduled on the following dates:
March 4
March 18
April 8
April 22
May 6
May 20
June 3