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WTB: Aerotech 2.6" 5:1 Nose Cone

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Nov 6, 2009
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I can't seem to find an online retailer that has them instock. If you have one to sell reply back with a price. If you know where to get it online please let me know also. Thanks.
I ended up going with redarrow. I have been trying to get them to reply to me about the RouseTech 3 motor casing set (if it is instock/which color they have. They haven't replied since 12/12.
I got the nose cone earlier today. I was surprised at how soon I got it. I was also surprised at how heavy it is also, much heavier than the Ested Executioner cone. It is also overhanging the BT-80 tube (from unclemikesrocketshack) a little bit. Does Aerotech use thick walled tubes?
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Yes, high power tubing is thicker. This nose cone is used for mid and high power rockets and is usually matched with LOC style tubing (or the equivalents). The tubes are measured by the diameter in inches, rather then the estes style BT units. Engine mount tubing is even thicker and is measured in mm to match the engine size (24 mm, 38 mm, etc). Choose the strength and weight of the tube to match the task at hand.

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