WRS 9th October launch

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Jun 30, 2010
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Will anyone be attending? I think there will be a good turnout this month. I will be flying:

Scratch built AMRAAM - E11/E18 (RMS)
Big Daddy to V2 Kitbash - E11/E18 (RMS)
24mm 'Machbuster' - E9-6
Fliskits Athena - A10-0
Estes Alpha III - C6-5
Quest Spinfin - C6-5
Semroc Mark II - C6-5

What will anyone else be flyin'?
From the WRS Mailing-List

Report :
I think has to be one of the best WRS launches I've ever been to, despite the wind level. The sky started out blue & cloudless but eventually clouds covered the launch site.
Many many things where flown, which people can chime in & add what they flown to this list. I flew :

Blue Ninja 3 times , Once on a C11-5 , once on a D12-5 and once on another D12-5. For some reason , the C11-5 gave quite a nice bang as it shot off the pad.

Alpha III - B6-4, beautiful flight , deployed perfectly , recovered in the next field.

Mile High Attempt - E9-6. It left the pad to about 10ft where she went unstable & did a few nice backflips. Snapped a fin , repairable (Needed more nose-weight)

Mark II - C6-7, VERY high flight , almost touched cloud-base, landed on another field , MIA.Spinfin - C6-7, Another high flight, parachute didn't deploy but landed without damage. Later inspection saw that 3/4 of the ejection cap is still in place...

Overall this was a very good flying session, many faces that haven't been seen for a while.
May I just say congratulations to Sam who launched his Astrobee, the nosecone came off & the altimeter did a 1000ft drop but landed without any damage! Another congratulations to Colin and his very very nice Big Daddy with removable motor mounts?