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Oct 28, 2004
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Just started using wrasp, but soon discovered that it doesn't have the Estes C11 and E9 engines in the motor type file. Any way of inserting a new engine in the file, and if so, what numbers do I need to know.
Download the engine database file that has been compiled by Wayne Hortensius -- Engine File.
It contains the Estes C11 and E9 as well as lots of others not in the standard file.
Can't make it work. I'm a total moron with computers. How do I download the files you pointed out to wrasp?
If you are talking about the zip file compiled by Wayne Hortensius, then download the file, unzip the file to a directory of your choosing and copy the "vendor.dat" and "rasp.eng" files to the directory that you installed wRasp -- most likely c:\wrasp. These files will already exist in the wRasp directory so you can either replace them with Wayne's version or you can rename them to "vendor.bak" and "rasp.bak" (backup) before you copy the newer versions to the directory. That way you have the orginal files to revert back to if something goes wrong. I hope that helps...
Here's my homegrown version of the single WRASP file I use. I have added and taken out lots of motors to suit my needs and what I want. It should handle all Low Power, MPR & HPR. It might be weak on hybrids.
It will probably work for darn near everyone out there. Copy the file into the WRASP directory.
Then when you run the program - go to:
"Motor Data File..."
and point it to this file. All22.eng (It's my 22nd version/update)Once you do it once - you should be all set. I believe I have all current Estes Engines in there.
Good Luck
(Sorry - I had to Zip the file or it was too big to post here)
Nice file

You're missing a few relatively insignificant ones:

EM G37
Pro38 I540
Propulsion Polymers motors

Here's the PP ones:
I540 Pro38 is already in there. (I540WT)
PP motors added.
G37-SU - Grrrr..... You had to go make me create the whole file..... ;)
All I could find was the TRA graph in pound force which I had to convert to newtons and create the file.
Well - now its done for anyone else who wants it.

Here ya go - Version 23

Within reason - I can tweak this more to make it more user friendly for all. Scan for old discontinued motors as well. I would like to keep it thin by removing old junk.
Sorry Gregzo, I had the file but I couldn't find it. I had someone do the dirty work for me!!! :D
No Problem.
Obviously I've been playing with this file for a while. Might as well share it with others to use. I just got tired of jumping around to all the bit files I had for each manufacturer. Some I couldn't find and had to create,blah, blah.
Anyway - glad I could help.