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Whoa, that's pretty darn cool! I have heard of that being done before but haven't ever seen any pictures. Neat!
LOL - looks like somebodies developed an air defence against Flying Picnic Tables of Doom ;)

Cool pic, btw.
I was gonna mention that vid - it didnt fly too well, did it? :D

I dont think the 'Plane' was worth rescuing after that little incident , unless the owner is looking for scraps of Balsa or splinters :D
that looks a bit more than 20* from vertical...

hey, if i ever whine about a crashed rocket, just link me really makes rocket crashes seem trivially cheap to fix....


Plane Crash
Wild, weird stuff...

But I dunno if I'd go to those lengths to document disasters that make me look like a total F-up ....:eek: :eek: :eek:

I mean, I've crashed plenty of rockets - but I didn't bother to immortalize the incident for all time on camera! :D

I'd rather take pics of incidents which indicate that maybe I do know what I'm doing... :eek: :eek: :rolleyes:

Oh well, at least they can laugh about it... :D
it has nothing to do with experience level.

if you fly it, it WILL crash.
just a matter of WHEN.


there are some pretty amazing vids and stills on that site...
i have to share it with one of my R/C buds...
I loved the video attached to the 747 Lufthansa jet, pic1 I believe. Looks like the spectators are fair game! I noticed a lot of lawn darts. Were they AT delays? ;-)
L M A O ! I wonder how much she got payed for that?!
Originally posted by stymye
indeed.....I'd pay her to straddle my cockpit


but yeah i'd have alot of fun witch that plane
Originally posted by jflis
hey! where's the video for this one??? LOL

LOL I think some of us would pay for that aswell :p ;) :D
lol someone has spent a while Photoshoppin' that thing! :cool: