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  • Aerotech Initiator

  • 2 Low Power rockets

  • Aerotech Initiator

  • 2 Low Power rockets

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rocket trike

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Nov 5, 2002
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We are thinking about and had a couple request to handle lLOC parts. We would be able to offer the Body tubes and Nose cones at a 10% discount off from their web site. Please let us know if you are interested or not.

Thank you
I voted no but only because I am located in Canada and already have a local LOC supplier. I should have abstained really. I am the only no vote so far. I will likely buy your products at some point though. O.K. shutting back up now. :)

Len B
Only if you would also carry a full assortment of standard couplers, centering rings, bulkheads, etc.