would be nice for scratch builders


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Feb 15, 2011
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Roanoke Rapids NC
Would be nice for scratch builders if the manufactures would offer cad drawings for there rocket parts.
You know like McMaster Carr has for download for there parts

Just thinking out loud :)


Gary Byrum

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Aug 4, 2011
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Lincolnton NC
Since I knew there were no such files available, I drew my own. It's just parts that I knew I would use and not everything available. I have 55 - 60 nose cones and all standard low power and some MPR tubes and cones already drawn up. Took a pretty good while to get them up to specs, but it was worth it. All my tubes are about 3" long and I can modify them to any length I desire. Nose cones are just a matter of fitting one on the tube. I just copy one that I want and leave the original in the line-up. All my fins are usually custom, but I do have about 20 or so pre-drawn fin types which can also be modified. It's pretty easy for me to slap a design together for the most part. That is, until I get to a fin design where it can get as creative and crazy as I like. My drawings are only 2 dimensional, but that's all I need to make a stable design whether it be 2,3,4,5 or 6 fins...blah blah blah. If you're a CAD guy, you already know what I talking about.