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Oct 9, 2002
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Which rocket is the work horse in your fleet? Which does most of the flying, your old faithful?

Mine is my LOC Viper III. I can't fly that one enough! It flies every launch I attend. When it retires, it will be replaced by another.

Originally posted by Weekends
Which rocket is the work horse in your fleet? Which does most of the flying, your old faithful?

Mine is my LOC Viper III. I can't fly that one enough! It flies every launch I attend. When it retires, it will be replaced by another.


NCR Renegade-X. Solid as a rock, flies like a Miss Riley -- inspirational. With an F21 is just barely sneaks in under the 16 oz. limit, but it can handle a G80 with ease. If the time comes, it'll be difficult to replace.
My BSD once got stuck in a tree for 3 months before a "tree expert" could finally retrieve it. It got rained on, snowed on, blown around and generally mistreated by Mother Nature. The day I got it back I put it up on a Pro38 H153 for a picture perfect flight.
Fliskits Rhino. Flies true every time.
Model Rocket -- Estes Alpha
Mid-Power -- AT Initiator
High-Power -- BSD Horizon

All basic 3 fins and a nose cone -- works every time!
my maxtrax, though i've been slacking lately. has about 300 through her. but flies nice every time. its been hung up in a tree for close to two months, its been submerged in 10 feet of swamp water, its been chewed by my dog, but still, it flies right. the altimeter broke, but oh well, who needs it.
The work horses of my fleet are as follows:

Low Power: Estes Skywinder, 10 years old and well over 50 flights.

Mid Power: AT HV Arcas, several successful G motor flights.

High Power: BSD Sprint, four very successful H motor flights including my L1 cert flight.:D

However, the most powerful rocket in my fleet is my Binder Stealth which flew on an I285R so it's the rocket in my fleet that handles the largest motors.;)
Definitely my PML Tethys. I had probably close to 30 flights last season. Lowest motor was an H73J. The highest motor was at the last launch of the season. It was an I300T. Sadly it was also the last launch of the rocket. It is now resting peacefully 80 feet up in a tree. :(
My High power one is a LOC Caliber ISP, it has about 8 flights on it and gets flown every launch.
My Mid power on is a HV Arcas, it has at least 25+ flights on it from E30s to G80s, it hasn't seen much action lately though.
the most mileage would be on my Ezi-65

Weekends,I also fly my viper III alot !

my copper 24mm applewhite cone has quite a few flights as well.
I would say that it would be my Applewhite 10 inch 29mm saucer. Big Bertha goes up every time, as does the BT 80 V2.
My workhorse rocket is my PML Eclipse. It was ordered with PML's preglassed phenolic instead of the quantum tube, and origionally built for my L2. Since then it has flown at almost every launch. Been stretched to add in a video bay. Been abused (hung in trees, dropped in lakes and rivers, and one really great core sample) always coming back for more. That was until recently, when I exceeded the speed of G10 using an AMW K800, fin flutter tore off the bottoms of two fins. Rather than repair the fincan I'm going to rebuild it with thicker fins, extend it and replace the 54mm with a 75mm mount. Then I can go ahead and abuse the poor thing some more.
My mid power hoss would have to be my AeroTech Initiator...

Low power work horse would be - yep, you guessed it - my Deuces Wild. I never get tired of flying it :D
Without question, my Sprint'73...

At 453 launches to date (she flys 2 or more times everytime I go out), assuming A motors for each launch, with an altitude of about 400 feet, she's logged about 34 miles going straight up... :D :D

I've never calculated that befor...

Actually, she's gone further, because i used to launch her on B and C motors a lot, till the numbers started to climb. I still occationally fly her on B motors. Her total travel distance could be well over 50 miles in all actuality...

Next up would be my Pheord X150. She goes up each and every launch :)
My most frequent flier is probably Mini ALARM. (The picture is misleading because it's a close-up. The body is only BT-20. :) Mini ALARM can fly safely on pretty well any Estes 13mm motor. Except the A10-PT, for obvious reasons!)

However, my true workhorse is undoubtedly Hermes. One 24mm and two 18mm mounts, so it can use one D12, two C6's, or all of the above, depending on what I have in stock and what payload it's carrying. It has a piston so that it will kick the payload out. Past payloads have included a teddy bear, Po the Teletubby, Kenny from South Park, and a swing-wing glider. (The teddy bear and Po had parachutes. The glider didn't need one. I "forgot" to put one on Kenny. :D) In addition, Hermes can be fitted with an additional payload bay attached to the nose cone by pop-rivets, so that it can carry non-ejecting payloads.
I would have to say my Estes Comet that I built in 84. This rocket has seen & survived all & just keeps going. She flies straight & true on a c6-5, arcs over beautifully at apogee & returns gracefully on her oversized 18 chute.
Most flown is probably my Centuri Saucer clone, because it flies in weather other rockets fear!

Or possible our scratch bult KB-1. This was designed for one of my sons after he had lost or crashed his first three rockets. Its made from a paper towel core tube with a custom nose cone and fairly thick balsa fins. Recovery is by streamer.

For mid-power it would be my Estes Phoenix.
Used to be Estes Black Brant II (modified with streamer), but I don't recall flying that for some time.

Now it is PML Pterodactyl Jr (real one, not a plastic one), which has flown on anything from AT H123 to Pro38 I287.

I had planned for my Art Applewhite saucers/qubits to become workhorses, as they can be flown in any weather. But the Qubit suffered CATO on first launch :mad: and has a big hole in the top!
The first rocket I launch whenever I go, is my Big Bertha.

I really never get bored of this rocket. It puts in perfect flight after perfect flight and serves as a great wind tester!
My Estes 2.6" V-2 was my workhorse, unfortunately it's stripped down for rebuilding right now and hasn't flown in almost a year.

Micromeister has an Estes 1/100 Saturn V which (IIRC) has 100+ flights on it!
My Alpha III definitely. Always my first to go up, as a wind tester. The thing is so old and beaten up I don't care if I lose it. BT is dented, tips of fins cracked off, burn marks where top of BT meets NC, it's a mess!

Gotta be my Custom Razor. It goes up first everytime as a wind tester, then I usually send it up as the last launch of the day. It was the first kit I ever had and has been equipped with one of those black and yellow Caution! tapes as a streamer. Used to have a "police line, do not cross" streamer, but I forgot the wadding once and melted it.

I must say I usually only fly it on A motors. Guess I just don't want to lose it.

John (not Jon) Arthur
Loc Forte. It has flown on everything from an F20 to an H242T. About 15-20 flights in all
For the longest time, it was my AT Initiator. I may be bringing it back home with me when I visit my family for the holidays.

I've also logged some frequent flyer mileage on my THOY Wasp, but since adding an altimeter bay, I've been a little shy about flying it.

I don't think I have just one 'work horse' rocket. I try to get as many flights out of all of them that I can.