WOOSH rocketry- July 29/30- Bong rec area, Wisconsin

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Jul 27, 2014
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I will only be there on the 29th. I'm going to fly:

Wildman 4" punisher- K740 Cstar, with Liquid Fyre camera mount
LOC Starburst- 2xE20w
Apogee Snarky- D12-3
Wildman 2.6" v2- F52T

Also, invited my local cub scout pack to stop up and fly their rockets (we did their rocket launch earlier this year with great success). Not sure how many attendees we will get.

If I may ask my friends a favor. My wildman interceptor 54 came in ballistic at the tripoli launch just north of the runway/road. If you happen to find it in the field, can you return it to me or the RSO? I would greatly appreciate it! It has a maroon body with black fins, and has a sticker on the side with my name + number (assuming the sticker stayed on).

Here's a map to where I think it is:


what with the weather we've been having...might need a barge for the pads(and canoes for recovery) :).
Punisher is ready- just need to prep chutes and av bay.

ImageUploadedByRocketry Forum1500762474.169205.jpg
what with the weather we've been having...might need a barge for the pads(and canoes for recovery) :).

Agreed. Boots or hip-waders might come in real handy. Town of Burlington is about 7 miles west of Bong- photos...7/13/17

Burlington - Clare Peterson_1499885043232_62679479_ver1.0_900_675.jpg

Burlington - Connie Robinson 3_1499880455253_62677188_ver1.0_900_675.jpg

Burlington - Connie Robinson_1499880454966_62677187_ver1.0_900_675.jpg

Marianne Goodfellow- LYONS - LAKE GENEVA_1499875243667_62672119_ver1.0_900_675.jpg
I"m good at swimming in the swamp, but my wife has banned me from it for now. Fortunately it's a mostly dry week, so hopefully it dries out a little.
Rain, rain, go away...
If we can't launch, maybe we can get together as a group to help out some of the locals?
Managed to get out to Bong late today, probably 3:30 or so. Gotta say it was not an all bad launch/testing day. Wind was out of the South/Southwest about 5mph. We could see rain to the south but it never made it to us. Had one good flight and one,,,,well. not very good at all. As it turns out pre-peeling motor labels so they will actually fit is not the best of ideas. Tends to leave room for error. On the bright side I came home with some really neat video footage. Downside isn't at all bad.
, 1 section of body tube, a harness repair and everything will be in order. I call it an overall success...When I find time I'll put up video of a stupid low flight with late opening and the results. In hi def no less:)
@Wallace- how swampy was the grass around the launch area? Were the ponds at a normal level or overflowing?

Sorry to hear about your suboptimal flight. I'm sure the video will be at least somewhat entertaining.
Mixed up the F26 with the G80?

You didn't stop by for cider or whiskey to drown your sorrows.
Actually it was an F50-6T, was supposed to be a G80. On the bright side I now have a "spa:eyeroll:re" G80. Got most of the repairs completed so I will be ready for this weekend. Looks like the weather just might cooperate from what I'm seeing. Computers being my nemesis and all, it took me multiple attempts to clip and upload the relevant parts of the failed flight but I think I got it. Here...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3v1LW45Z_3M&feature=youtu.be
Really couldn't ask for a better failure. Chute saved my nc av bay, camera was about 1/2 way buried in swamp mud/grass but survived, pretty much only cost me a section of tube and I can recycle the damaged one (after trimming) along with the baffle. I knew there was a reason I used screws instead of epoxy @ that joint:). More pics and video to follow, just need a bit more time to do battle with this cursed machine...
Video is set to private.

Ouch. Now what would be the point of such a feature? So I can upload and watch my own videos that I already have better copies of on my hard drive? Looks like things are as normal, all is right with the world. Any ideas how to change it so it can be viewed?
Think I've "fixed" the video. Don't know how high it actually went but my Quantum was set for 250' launch detect and it was still "waiting for lda" after landing.

It's just s setting when you upload, it can be changed, at least from the website. I don't recall if the app can change it. You'll want it set to unlisted or public. Unlisted works for embedded links. Public makes it search findable.
The deploy doesn't look -that- late from the video. It looked like a harness failure. From what you said, I was expecting a squirrellier flight.
The deploy doesn't look -that- late from the video. It looked like a harness failure. From what you said, I was expecting a squirrellier flight.[/QUOT According to open rocket it was going about 50mph @ deply. You are correct about it being the harness.I mentioned in my other tread about it being a mid build change of plans. Originally I intended to build it light enough to fly on bp F15's but quickly realized that wasn't going to happen. Turs out I used what I had on hand for a snap swivel connection, a really small split ring. Totally forgot it was even in there. Wierd part is that it is still there. It somehow managed to dis and reassemble itself. You'll see in the video it didn't even jar the rocket, just disconnected. ..

Here's at least a partial success. Nice flight on a G80, just forgot to arm the Quantum (wait for the confirmation page before closing browser) the lack of beeping should have been a clue. Landed very nicely in a smallish tree, kept me from having to bend over to pick it up, back problems are a very real thing:eyeroll:. I guess it's time to make checklists huh? Did not intend to hijack, sorry for all the babble, just got excited over video posting success(s) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIRy9NJpHq8&feature=youtu.be
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It's hard to build light enough for the Estes 29mm black powder motors. The above pictured Vigilante is a BT70 upscale for 29-29mm. And it's marginal. Low wind only.
Just occurred to me that I was asked to report on conditions @ Bong and I got totally side tracked with other "stuff". As you could probably guess all 72,314 ponds are pretty damn full. The ground is definitely wet and squishy. My 2 total landings were close to the pad so I didn't get a chance to navigate the swamp but I would say if you are fortunate enough to own a pair of hip boots you'd do well to bring 'em. Now there's a thought: How about everyone kicks in a couple $ and get a pair of club boots. Then you can fight over who gets to wear 'em.
No worries- the videos were cool, if a little eventful :) What are your plans for flying this saturday?
Still undecided. I have a plans (s) of sorts but Odds are fair that I'll just scrap it and fly on a small H to hopefully get my level 1. If that happens, then it's gonna be all time and money. I am notoriously constantly short on both.
Forecast is looking good for Sat/Sun! Hopefully it dries out a little between now and then, and my interceptor decides it wants to be found.
I plan on coming up Saturday. I found where I had stashed the Q2G2 bulk packs (24) from the group order. I will bring for those who signed up for them. Sather
Great weather today! I had to leave around 1:30 cos the kids were getting restless, and I ran out of motors (money) to fly :) I did get this video of my punisher though:

please be on the lookout for this rocket, last seen descending before the tree line in the general arc as seen over the PA system and right.


Rex- I can't really see it in that picture. Can you circle where it is, and also do a map like I did with my Interceptor (still lost) on the first post?