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Mar 27, 2012
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I saw in a local paint store a "wood hardening" product. Has anyone here used this stuff to harden/seal balsa? It looks like it would be nice to use seeing how it can harden wood making it easier to finish. Any advice would be great.....Thanks
I have used wood hardener many times on balsa. It is a hardener, but not a filler. It probably makes filling a little easier, though. Lately I have been soaking balsa finstock with hardener and covering with self adhesive label paper. (If I don't entirely replace it with lite ply.) Strong and no filling needed. I would suggest doing all major shaping before using the wood hardener. It does make sanding significantly more difficult.
In my opinion, it is worth the investment. A can lasts a looong time.
Wood hardener has been covered in at least one old thread here on TRF. Try a search and see what you come up with.

rbeckey makes a VERY good suggestion: you really should go ahead and do all sanding and shaping on your balsa that you plan to do, because after soaking/curing with the hardener, it will be quite difficult to do any more sanding. This stuff is just like a thin epoxy resin, and the finished hardener is a booger to work with.