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Jan 27, 2009
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I had a couple of kits when I was a kid that really caputured my imagination and that I thought would be neat to convert to RC someday. I've built/kitted the Interceptor and Mach 10 themed (Mach 2) RC RG's and I've been toying with another rocket I really loved as a kid, the Wolverine. I always like this kit, sort of cold war Mig themed. I built and flew an RC version 7-8 years ago using 4" tubing, but never got a picture of it finished. This pre-dated the Mach 10 I did and had a mid mounted wing but the wing/tail were nearly identical between them other than the little T tail on the mach 10. I decided to re-visit/re-work it for 3" tubing and and some other changes to enable fitting into one of my standard kit boxes.

It will have a mid mounted through the tube wing, and use elevons for control. I'm going to use a 21.5" long 3" tube(available from Estes PSII as is or cut BMS tubing to length), wingspan is 32".

Mark at stickershock re-sized a subset of his wolverine decals to 3" tubing and added the speed brake and cockpit decals from my Mach 2 kit. Tube will be open making it easy to get at and install components. Since the wing is mid mounted, the rail buttons can be offset from the bottom so that they won't get caught on anything when landing.

I think it could be decorated in US, russian or german markings, white, silver, red, blue, camo or winter camo etc...and look good. Since the wings and tail for my Mach 2 kit are the same size, any of stickershocks Mach 2 markings would fit this as well.

I have the wings and tail cut out and spars installed, all parts and electronics are ready, just waiting for the BMS tubing and stickershock decals.



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Got the tubes from BMS today and was able to take construction photos and finish it. The 3" tubing is almost twice as thick as the bt-101 lightweight tubing so the model should be very robust. Came out pretty nicely, just like I pictured it it. Stickershock vinyl looks great. If the CG location is right, I didn't need to add any nose weight, rtf weight is 10.75 oz which is about 3/4 to 1 ounce lighter than the Mach 2 kit with the same effective wing area. We just had a cold snap so I might not get to a chance to test fly and confirm CG and stability.

Assembly photos and step by step is here: https://www.dynasoarrocketry.com/wolverine-instructions.html




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Well it was 35 degrees and windy, but got three flights in. cg was perfect, needed about
1/8" of downtrim for boost but otherwise very nice flying model, handled the wind nicely.

Here are the three prototypes in markings from Stickershock, just a few additional trim pieces I did myself on them just to set them off a bit more and to make them not all identical.



Another good looking sport RC/RG! A question for you Frank: Of all of your designs, which one do you believe provides the longest glide times?
Hi, the Stratodart has a slight wing area edge compared to the others so that would have the edge, although the Jayhawk and Hypersonic III are very close to weight and wing area. With a good boost and dead air you should be able to get at least a minute of glide time. On a good day with some good air I've gotten 90 seconds to a minute. Keep in mind these were primarily designed to look cool, be easy to build, have a light wing loading and be easy and predictable to fly and land at your feet.

I was lucky enough to win a Dynasoar Rocketry Wolverine in Franks recent celebration giveaway after selling 100 kits sold (or was it 200?). Will post a build thread fairly soon.

Always fun to open one of Franks kit boxes. I had the kit dry assembled in about 2-3 minutes...:)
It's flow through and open like the centuri Mach 10 and my Mach 2 kit, I've tried putting a cap with a cone like a Mig 21 but it actually had less glide time than with it open.