Witch's Broom

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dr wogz

Fly caster
Feb 5, 2009
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Land of Poutine!
The fins were destined for another build, but rotate them 270°... And voila!
(Yeah, the grain is kinda running 'lengthwise' but a bit of glass or paper should negate the oversight..)

Kinda reminds me of a broom, either the classic witch's tpe, or the one Mickey conjured up to carry buckets of water..

Was to have it's maiden on Sunday, but the launches were scrubbed..

broom sm.jpg
Has anyone made a witches broom without any fins? That is, if the straw makes a complete cone around the base of the BT, will it provide enough stability?
My Witches broom has NO fins. just a Showcard disc under the straw used as a spreader. Works as a "Drag Fin unit". flew just fine until I warped the BT-50 body storing it laying on it's side in the rafters:( It may still be OK I'm just a little worried about launching a warpped broom.